Chunhai Charlie Hao

Chunhai Charlie Hao

Company: Indiana University School of Medicine

Job title: professor


Lessons Learned from Oncology & Neuro-Oncology to Spearhead Degrader Applications to CNS Targets 9:01 am

As an emerging application for TPD technologies, CNS degraders have a wealth of historical knowledge and past experiences from the design, development and delivery of oncology and neuro-oncology trials. Join this workshop to breakdown the translatable learnings and additional CNS challenges from past successful proof of concept in oncology. Highlights include: What are the translatable…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

Exploring Small Molecule Degraders of SUMO1 & APP in Brain Cancer & Alzheimer’s Patients Via Cul1 E3 Ligase & Lysosomal Pathway 3:30 pm

Outlining degrader binding and degradation via CAPRIN1-CUL1 E3 ligase demonstrated in cancer Identifying compounds targeting and reducing amyloid beta 42 in Alzheimer’s neuron models Explaining CAPRIN1 and APP degradation mechanism through neuronal lysosomesRead more

day: Conference Day One

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