Targeting Neurodegenerative Proteins with Novel Protein Degrader Technology

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The Next Frontier for Targeting Undruggable Neurodegenerative Proteins


Following proof of concept in oncology - misfolded and aggregated CNS proteins like parkin, tau, synuclein, and amyloid are the new frontier for protein degradation technologies.

With innovative biotech drug discovery, big pharma investment, and ongoing preclinical development, there are still significant translational and delivery barriers to overcome in the race to enter the clinic.

Headed to Boston, the Protein Degradation for CNS Summit united 50+ experts with 3-days of industry-focused content pioneering PROTAC, AUTOTAC, and molecular glue technologies to degrade historically challenging target CNS proteins.

This was biopharma’s must-attend meeting for anyone working on treatments for neurological disorders interested in expanding their protein degradation portfolio into pathological CNS proteins to tackle the unmet patient needs across neurodegenerative indications. 

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  • 18+ Biotech & Pharma Experts
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  • 6+ Hours of Industry Networking
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Targeted Protein Degradation for CNS Event Guide

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"Some regard treatment of neurological disease as one of the last and most challenging frontiers for drug discovery. Others regard targeted protein degradation as one of the new frontiers in drug discovery. There is a natural harmony in engagement of these frontiers for the future benefit of patients who currently have unmet – very unmet – needs. This Summit will be of widespread interest to all those in this arena."

Jonathan Baell, Executive Director, Discovery Chemistry, Lyterian Therapeutics

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