Protein Degradation for CNS Summit - What went on in 2024?

CNS diseases have historically faced drug discovery and translational barriers owing to the incomplete understanding of target biology and a lack of relevant preclinical models to recapitulate the complex neuronal and blood-brain barrier environment.

Targeted protein degradation technologies, including PROTACs, AUTOTACs, and molecular glues, hold promise to uncover novel biology and therapeutic opportunities to tackle the huge unmet need in neurology.

50+ biopharma experts in Boston to discovered and learned the latest insights with case study presentations, informative panel discussions, and deep-dive workshops from Genentech, AstraZeneca, Arvinas, Merck, AUTOTAC Bio, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Origami Therapeutics, and more!

In this emerging field with untapped potential, now is the time to learn, debate, and collaborate with biopharma neurobiologists, TPD leaders, preclinical and translational neuroscientists, medicinal chemists, pharmacokinetic specialists, and CNS delivery pioneers to accelerate CNS degrader translation and tackle the huge unmet need in neurology.   

Join Your Biopharma Peers to:

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Discover the state-of-the-art preclinical CNS protein degrader development and navigate considerations for future CNS degrader clinical trials with Arvinas

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Understand development of AUTOTACs and alternative degraders to target intracellular and extracellular CNS aggregates via autophagy-mediated degradation with AUTOTAC Bio and CASMA Therapeutics

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Break down degrader properties and translatable learnings from neuro-oncology to accelerate and optimize degrader delivery across the BBB with Amsterdam UMC and DFCI

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Evaluating PROTAC pharmacokinetics, achievable brain exposure and off-target degradation to optimize CNS degrader translation with Genentech

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Debating target screening and disease pathology to identify and develop ligands specifically targeting toxic CNS proteins with Merck and Novartis

Who Did You Meet?

With the field still in it’s infancy, face-to-face interactions with past peers and new industry connections are the best avenue for creating and strengthening novel relationships to shape the future of targeted protein degradation in CNS.

With 8+ hours of in-person only networking opportunities, this must attend conference for protein degrader KOLs, preclinical and translational neuroscientists, medicinal chemistry leaders, neuroscience and small molecule discovery experts, and PKPD degrader specialists ignited thought-provoking discussions that will lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in a rapidly evolving field.

What Your 2024 Speakers Have to Say

I’m delighted to be part of the meeting and hope to hear about the advances in the neurodegenerative diseases field. There are a lot of challenges and complications so it is crucial to communicate with other researches and learn about their approaches, both successful and not."

Director, Biology, Origami Therapeutics

"I am looking forward to meeting other TPD enthusiasts. By working together, we can progress novel modalities against devastating neurological disorders."

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Download the 2024 Event Guide for more information on:

  • 17+ Biotech & Pharma Experts
  • 2 Interactive Deep-Dive Workshops
  • 6+ Hours of Industry Networking
  • & Much More!
Targeted Protein Degradation for CNS Event Guide