The application of TPD technologies to CNS targets is a huge area of untapped potential to tackle the unmet need against undruggable neurological proteins.

With innovative biotechs paving the way and CNS and TPD large biopharma expanding their pipelines, there is an equally large untapped opportunity to showcase your solutions and help industry overcome their translational challenges and accelerate CNS degraders into the clinic.

At the Targeted Protein Degradation for CNS Summit, there are a limited number of partnership opportunities available, including speaking positions on the agenda, exhibition booths, and private networking opportunities.

If you provide services or technologies that would benefit our niche industry audience, now is the time to secure new business and form connections with top biopharma companies seeking solutions to progress their products CNS degraders into the clinic.

"The strategy of targeted protein degradation is shifting drug discovery from functional inhibitors to proteolytic degraders of targeted proteins. This meeting will provide current advances of the fields in CNS diseases."

Bicentennial Chair & Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine

Chairman & Co-Founder, Degrome Therapeutics

Experts Need Your Help With:

Discovery CROs to screen and identify new small molecule hits for protein degraders against CNS targets

In vitro and in vivo BBB model providers to predict and demonstrate delivery to the CNS

Preclinical CROs specializing in CNS and TPD for safety and efficacy testing

CNS biomarker and assay providers to test degrader target engagement and mechanism of action

Target developers providing novel insights in tackling CNS disease proteins

Why Partner?

Showcase your solutions to an exclusive group of TPD and CNS experts from leading biopharma companies seeking high-level support and long-term commercial partners

Get ahead of your competitors in this emerging field by demonstrating your experience in discovery and preclinical degrader development

Elevate your company’s standing in the field, demonstrating your ability to keep up with high-pressured timelines, solving this field's unique challenges